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Jigsaw Training Dig, held in Manor Field, Covington

See also Jigsaw Cambs.

Jigsaw members and others came from all over Cambridgeshire (and elsewhere) to take part in Jigsaw's training dig, held in Covington. During the fortnight, there was also a Medieval pottery making course and a replica Roman kiln was built and fired. Enjoy the selection of photos below (kindly taken by John Turrell) and look out for a report on the dig to be published by Jigsaw.

An open field gate in the centre of the village awaited the Jigsaw Training Dig archaeologists.
Manor field gate Equipment at the ready An excavator takes off the topsoil
Covington History Group members always travel light.....
Simon Ian Peter
The field was a hive of activity
But sometimes two's company...
Metal detecting and surveying lessons
There were finds which had to be processed
... and recording to be done
Meanwhile, James and Simon went off into the woods - together
with an auger
The trenches
Village site tour and the Open Day
That's all folks!
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